Transforming customer success and lead generation with Spiti Connect

Spiti Connect is how your marketing and customer success teams collaborate with your customers. Share protected videos and collaborate on a dedicated private video tool.

Transforming customer success and lead generation with Spiti Connect

If you are a customer success leader, you know how crucial it is to keep your customers engaged and regularly share clearly defined action items. If you are a marketing leader, you know how important it is to get qualified leads and nurture and grow them into sales leads. Teams still struggle to define and automate these simple processes even when resources are readily available.

You conduct workshops, onboarding and training sessions and record these for future use. Sometimes you need more than just a shared Google Drive folder to share your workshop videos, training videos, or lead generation videos. Why? You want a secure connection with more control over who is watching. And you also want a lot of automation before a human can take over. Over the past few years, more companies frequently use plenty of videos to get qualified leads and keep customers engaged and happy.

The problem is that we are trying to use tools not meant to solve these specific problems. We are trying to stitch some stuff together to make some other stuff work.

We recently launched Spiti Connect to solve these challenges simply because storing videos and sharing scattered links serves no one.

Introducing Spiti Connect

Some new developments can take months of work and gallons of coffee. Others take a few days of work, an abundance of hard work, quick iterations, and gallons of coffee. One such is Spiti Connect. The name is inspired by Slack connect, but the capability is a direct function of our customers' needs.

We thought it was about time we told you more about what we have been working on for the past few weeks. But first, we needed to see our users relentlessly use it. Let's look at Spiti Connect in detail so you can use it to maximize your experience with your customers.

In short, Spiti Connect lets you privately share a video playlist from your Spiti workspace with another team outside your workspace. When you make any changes to the playlist — add videos, remove videos, add/edit description, re-order the sequence of videos — it will automatically reflect in the connected team's workspace. You can comment and answer questions between the two teams. You can even revoke access, and the connected workspace will immediately cease to have access to your playlist. You can see who is connected, who is watching, who is active, and control when you want to change this or take action based on these activities.


It saves you a ton of time

Extraordinary processes empower teams to work together effortlessly. Automated processes reduce repeatable tasks and help teams focus on growth, progress, and innovation. Better ways to engage with your customers will save a ton of time and quickly nurture leads and turn them into prospects. Once you connect with your customer via Spiti Connect, your team will never have to worry about repeated sharing and losing control over who has access to your securely shared video content.

  1. Connect through email invitation only.
  2. Mass invite through invite links.
  3. Absolute control over who accesses your video content.
  4. Connect one playlist to multiple workspaces through individual secure channels.
  5. Interact with users to keep them engaged.
  6. Allow your customers to manage their end of the connection by adding and removing their teammates.

Who is Spiti Connect for?

Spiti Connect replaces your shared Google Drive folders and channels used to share video links if you are an external-facing team. The teams benefitting the most are:

  • Customer success teams — More time saving, fewer unhappy customers. It feels like you're collaborating with your team, giving your customer an exclusive experience.
  • Marketing teams — The connection keeps getting better. You Interact with each lead privately. Improve your engagement rate.
  • Creators — If you are a creator using videos to interact and train your clients, Spiti Connect is the answer you have been looking for.

After every workshop, our team shares all the recordings with our attendees. "Previosly, we did this using Google Drive. But, it was a black box. With Spiti Connect we are able to engage better, and keep a track of any questions afterwards. It's the answer to our customer success woes.

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