Introducing, Spiti.

Introducing, Spiti.

The work we do everyday and the people we do it with constitutes a large portion of our life. The gratification from the work we do and the sense of belongingness to the tribe keeps us coming back to the office.

Ever since the pandemic hit, remote work has become the new norm for companies across the globe and it has redefined how we spend our work life. In this new reality, productivity and efficient work has become more challenging for teams. It has begun to look like we are working all day, yet not getting enough done. In a video-call-only world, collaboration has it's own new challenges and the sense of belongingness seems to be fading away.

Small problems add up to large repercussions

You've been working from home all day and you lose track of time. Chaos ensues. You begin to miss deadlines and forget small details that matter. You lose sight of small wins, common goals, and other little things that keep you happy as a team — things that keep you going. Sure, teams of different sizes have different challenges. However, the largely adopted work-from-home experiment has led to every team tackling one issue in common — how to stay productive. And it's a problem too important to not be solved at the topmost priority.

Sadly, the tools we use today are not meant to help us work the way we need to work. The tools that help you work effectively while being in office are not suited to help you when you're working remotely — no matter how hard you try to change your workflow. Our tools need a rethinking.

Building a new home where teams belong

At Spiti, we've had a chance to experience these problems first-hand at companies we've worked before. Staying in sync with the rest of the team is critical, and things slowly start falling apart as we begin to lose the human touch. This is why the tools that bring us together need to do a better job. We're building Spiti to do exactly that.

Spiti is a central place for teams to access the most important information you need to work together and collaborate effectively.

A place where you can see all that's important to your team at a glance.

A place where you can keep track of the most critical metrics that make you win.

A place that helps you make sure you're moving towards your goals, everyday.

We're building Spiti to help your team work better. We believe working together and creating stuff that we love is magical. And Spiti will help you do that.

Welcome to Spiti. Welcome home!

We're hard at work building Spiti for anyone who wants to work better at home, and we'll be launching soon. We would love to hear from you about your challenges working remotely. Join our waitlist and get notified when we're ready to launch.

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