5 Ways to attract and engage employees using videos

Videos are a more humanized, personalized, and engaging way to communicate. They improve knowledge retention and add value to communication. Organizations using videos are setting a firm base for their internal communication.

5 Ways to attract and engage employees using videos

According to a survey, 87% of video marketers are pleased with the ROI of their social media video marketing efforts. Furthermore, 93% of marketers claim it is an essential component of their marketing strategy. This implies that videos have proven to be critical for external media communication. But, do videos also hold a magical power to boost your employee engagement and retention rate too?

Source: Hubspot

In an era of remote work culture, videos have drastically improved internal communication to build a healthy work environment. Vimeo’s workplace communication reports state that members of video-savvy companies are 75% more likely to rate their employee engagement highly.

Source: Vimeo

Let’s explore the benefits of employee engagement for business growth and how you can improve your internal communication using videos.

What are the benefits of employee engagement?

According to Smarp, companies with high employee engagement rates are 21% more profitable. Another study shows that disengaged employees cost organizations $450-$550 billion yearly.

Engaged employees are:

  • More productive and focused on helping the company achieve its goal.
  • Improves your customers' experience.
  • More likely to stay with the company for long, making it easier to keep the top talent.

How to use videos to attract and engage employees

1. Ice-breaking introductory videos

Since remote work is the new normal for a lot of us, it limits the chances of seeing your coworkers in person. So, how can you get at ease working as part of a group? A sense of familiarity is vital in evaluating comfort, especially in a new workplace. In such a case, an introduction video can serve as a powerful icebreaker.

Making a video presenting a team member is equal to introducing them in the office. These videos can reduce the jitters and unease around the joining of a new member. It can create a base for striking conversations, paving the way for a warmer welcome. Make sure that everyone gets a video to make them feel included and valued.

You can use your YouTube channel to create a playlist or use tools like Spiti for a more private and internal viewing experience. You can create a playlist named "Meet your team". Add the videos which introduce your team members, and share them with every new member.You can also create an welcoming video message from the founders and leadership team.

2. Rewards and Recognition Program

Though rewards increase employee engagement, turning them into videos will enhance it.

Personalized messages go a long way. A video highlighting the member's accomplishments, along with kind words from peers and appreciation from the leadership team, can become a lasting memory for an individual.

3. Onboarding and Training Employees

Your team members will always remember their first day on the job. As a leader, you want them to have a positive experience. Presentations and documents detailing the organization's policies, onboarding processes, or business culture might be ineffective and take longer.

A recent study found that the average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds in 2000 to eight seconds today. So, why not use visually engaging videos to highlight your work culture, performance metrics, award programs, and company policies?

Moreover, short videos such as from the CEO's desk and 'How to’ videos help onboard and ramp up faster. This will help them adjust to the workplace and feel involved.

4. Showcase Your Mission and Vision

Employees who are aligned with the purpose of your organization, are invested in their work. Showcasing your goal and vision strengthens the existing trust of your team in your mission. It further assists in hiring top talent as well.

Make sure your company video demonstrates your goal and vision. Include clippings from prior projects, webinars, or events. Show what it's like to work with you, and include your team members who are the faces behind the work. Motivate your team to share their experiences, growth stories, and the transformation they’ve achieved in your firm.

5. Engage employees in a contest

Great companies understand how to establish a balance between work and leisure. Games and contests are an excellent way to keep your workforce engaged.

Bringing the team together outside work-related activities builds morale, bridges the gap between various teams, and strengthens a sense of community. You can organize hackathons, a show and tell, or a fun game night. Try to record videos to showcase the memorable moments later. Add these candid moments to your employer branding videos.

Using Spiti's public playlist feature, highlights of these events can be shared as videos.


Videos are a more humanized, personalized, and engaging way to communicate. They improve knowledge retention and add value to communication. Unlike emails, documentation, messages, or meetings, videos allow for a more accurate analysis of tone, body language, and emotion. It is a unique way to convey your story clearly. Organizations using videos are setting a firm base for their internal communication.

If you haven't already tried using videos at work, you definitely should give it a try. Click here to try Spiti for free for your team.